Thank you, Food & Wine!


Woman down in isle 11!

No, I did not take another nasty fall....

Last night at the grocery store, I perused a couple magazines. When I cracked the pages of this month's Food & Wine, I nearly passed out!

The October edition of Food & Wine, Ethan Stowell recipes, starting on page 85.

My old client, chef Ethan Stowell, has an ELEVEN page spread in the October issue of Food & Wine. Now he was recently named one of their "Best New Chefs," so that's not surprising (okay, the amount of real estate dedicated to this article is a delightful surprise...)

Taking up the majority of those pages are glorious photos...and RECIPES. Yeah, so, big deal right? Well, I'm here to tell you, it is a big deal.

It's no secret that chefs hate writing recipes but Ethan was particularly stubborn about it. As a self-taught cook, to him, recipes were a bit frivolous. With simple preparations, he has an instinct about what goes well together and an innate sense of timing that tells him when things are just right.

The rest of us wanna-be-cooks, need a little more help. I study cookbooks endlessly and have an army of top notch chefs just a phone call away. Still, I cling tightly to recipes and rarely deviate from them. So for me, recipes are like gold. A treasure map into the land of deliciousness.

And there lies the conflict. Ethan's a culinary genius, I'm a slave-to-the-recipe dolt who wants to look like a genius!

In the end, we reached a compromise.

When media wanted a recipe, he'd narrate them to me. (Yes, Chef, I'm ready for your dictation...) I'd get it typed and formatted, then send it back to him for final polishing. (Since he worked with some funky ingredients, it was mostly getting the spellings right.)

Honestly, getting recipes out of him?

The word "painful" comes to mind....

So when I see TEN beautifully photographed recipes and most are new-to-me dishes, I nearly fell on the floor! God bless the folks who made that happen!!

Now here's the deal. It was not uncommon for me to eat at Union 3 or 4 times a week. Luckily, Ethan changes the menu every day, but you would think after 18 months gourmet gluttony, I might be ready for a break. But the truth is, I crave his food. Singing his praises was the easiest thing in the world....

Between you and me, I begged shamelessly for some of these recipes!! And there they are, within the glossy pages, featured with some serious drool-worthy photos. Amazing.

If you can't make the trek to Seattle, now you too can enjoy TEN incredible new recipes. The weekend's here and it's time to cook up a feast! I'll be starting with the Baked Orecchiette with Pork Sugo...a favorite of mine at the restaurant.

Thank you Food & Wine.

I know...minor miracles were involved!

If you want to take a look at the article, hop to it. Magazines get shifted out earlier in the month these days....By October 25th, you may be looking at the November edition.

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