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It's no understatement to say I love the foods of fall. Long, slow braises, soups simmering for hours, the scent of yeasted breads hanging heavy in the air. Tie my favorite foods together with a holiday? Thanksgiving is nothing short of bliss!

Do you know It's the largest recipe website in the world--dominating markets from the United States to Australia, Singapore, and Japan.  And their headquarters are right here, in downtown Seattle.

Last week, AllRecipes decided to throw party. The focus? A Thanksgiving-centric potluck, "Bring your favorite side dish."  I love this idea! Beyond the traditional mashed potatoes and stuffing, what do you bring? For this party, there were more than a few surprises.

Canal house French Cheese Puffs, brought by Frank ( - uber cheesy gougers that worked equally well as an appetizer or at the table. Recipe.
 - Pumpkin dip - an interesting appetizer twist, heralding the flavors of fall
- Quinoa cakes with parsley salsa verde brought by Emmy ( - a terrific vegetarian main or side dish option that meat eaters enjoy too. Recipe link
- Serrano ham and poblano corn pudding - my friend Kathy serves this for brunch, but I'd love it alongside a turkey or ham just as well. Recipe link.
- Onion quinoa and cheese casserole - brought by heart-healthy blogger
- Black pepper almonds (I used cashews) - a terrific predinner nibble that's easy to throw together. Recipe link. 
- Blueberry Pie - made by Judith at AllRecipes. The fruit was a nice counterpoint to other starchy elements on the table. 
- Pumpkin Pie - (I didn't catch who made this, sorry.)

And now that we've covered the food aspect of this post, I believe a tour is in order! Want to take a look at the AllRecipes space? Come along with me... headquarters

Right here!

Reception desk

Across from the reception desk is this stunning kitchen. See the oversized windows and the marble countertop? Yes. This is the employee kitchen.

Double ovens and a flat the employee kitchen! "Sometimes we make pizza for lunch." From scratch. At work!

Panini press, blender, and yes, two Kitchen Aid mixers. My friend Lorraine works here, "I make a smoothie for breakfast every day."

Condiments...with a view. In a few weeks, Macys will be decked out for Christmas and just outside the front door will be the annual holiday carousel.

With the condiment selection looking so snazzy, I wondered, "What's in the fridge?" A keg from microbrewer, Georgetown Brewing Company, naturally! With over 200 food-focused employees, a staffer nods to the keg, "For our employee parties."  

This spot just off the kitchen does double duty as a cafeteria and meeting space.

I managed to snap a few photos of food before getting pulled into the festivities. Here's the Serrano Ham and Poblano Corn Pudding that I brought Though the recipe calls for a 9x13 pan, the pieces were a little thin for my liking. Next time, I'll make the same recipe, using an 8x8 pan for thicker pieces. 

A terrible shot of Emmy's Quinoa Cakes (same size as a crab cake). The salsa was a lovely, refreshing counterpoint.

Judith from AllRecipe's terrific Blueberry pie. 

And of course, we had to have pumpkin pie!

What a wonderful time! Rumor has it we can expect more parties in the future. I'm lobbying for an appetizers or dessert party. Fingers crossed!