Be Careful What You Ask For

Sometimes my "What if..." moments don't necessarily turn out the way I imagine....

Noah Mellich is the guy behind the amazing charcuterie at Porcella--and since their opening, he's been giving the more well-known Salumi a run for their money!

Coincidently, I happen to have a budding desire to learn how to make my own sausages and confit. In one of my a classic "What if..." moments, I asked if Noah would let me come play in his kitchen. Who better to learn from but a master, right?

Noah agreed, but somehow, we never connected. Weeks went by. Either he didn't need to replenish his stock or the time wasn't right. Last night I ran into Noah and happily, my luck took a turn for the better.

Finally, the moment was ripe and he relented. "Come in tomorrow at 10:00am."

I was so excited...I totally jumped at the chance!

We talked a little bit more and then I learned about THE CATCH.

With a wry grin, he said "Yeah, I'm making head cheese."


Clearly enjoying my girly squeamishness, he offered, "I'll let you saw the pig's head open."

Oh God.

"It makes a fantastic sound when you crack through the skull."

Oh dear God.

Then he goes on to explain, "It's a two day process, but you get to do the best part."

I rally and think, "Hey, I could really learn something here." I start to get excited again.

"You can scoop out the brain!"


With such a sweet boyish face, a ready grin....and a biblical name to boot...who knew Noah had such an evil side? Okay, seriously, I'll admit...the guy does have a full tattoo sleeve of skulls. Somehow, I managed to overlook that. (Note to self: pay attention to the clues!)

A few short hours's the day. Even though I didn't get home until the wee hours last night, I woke up long before my alarm went off. I'm unbelievably grossed out by the thought of this.

However, I believe in trying everything once. I am going. Carpe diem, right???

While I decide whether or not to eat breakfast--wish me luck.
Today I just might become a vegetarian.

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