Nosh from the Bivalve Bash

Throughout the year, Taylor Shellfish runs a brisk business--supplying restaurants with a variety of locally harvested clams, mussels, goeducks, and oysters. Around Seattle, you can also find Taylor Shellfish goodies at the farmer's markets. In the summer, the annual Bivalve Bash is held at the home "office" of Taylor Shellfish Farm.

What festival could be complete without some great food? Forget the typical American festival offerings of corndogs and elephant ears! At the Bivalve Bash, they served up the best of the Pacific Northwest--including wild harvested salmon with fry bread. Prepared by a local Native American tribe, the salmon is grilled on sacred skewers.

Next up were the smoked oysters featuring a global selection of toppings: chipotle, plum sauce and ginger, plain or lobster aioli, or a combo of spinach, bacon, garlic and parmesan . With a never ending line, these folks went through hundreds of oysters. No wonder...they were fabulous!

While they didn't serve goeduck this weekend, the chef I work with serves this raw...sashimi style. Burrowed deep in the sand, I learned goeduck are harvested by shooting powerful jets of water to reveal the coveted bivalve.

Forget calling out S.O.S....send wine...and leave me to enjoy the incoming tide!