Do you know Vixen?

I attended a dinner where each course was paired with champagne and sparkling wine. Since then, I've been shamelessly enjoying more than my share of bubbly. Now I'm normally a red wine girl, but I've discovered the best of both worlds: Vixen from Fox Creek. This is a sparkling Shiraz (yes, that's right!) and it's fabulous. I love pouring it into a glass...watching the line between liquid and effervescence shift in color from dark plum to a bubbling magenta. At just under $20 a bottle, Vixen is a steal. The only problem is trying to track it down. One wine shop I visited was sold out and at my neighborhood Whole Foods, I snagged the last bottle. Like searching for a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, it makes me smile to think...I'm on the hunt for an elusive Vixen!