S'more Memories

Years ago, my friend Lisa and I would get together for girl's night in. Those nights never failed to involve great food, long discussions and lots of laughter. Time easily slipped away, leaving our carefully selected chick movies for another day.

My friend Lisa is also famous for creating really special moments. One night, after a trip to Whole Foods, she showed up at my house and said, "Grab a candle." As I searched, she called after me, "Make sure you get one you don't care about!" I laughed...only girlfriends would know you have "special" candles and others that are less worthy.

With a big green post-Christmas sale candle in hand, I joined her in my living room. She was busy setting up the coffee table with her Whole Foods treasure: really good chocolate, graham crackers, and the famous house-made vanilla and chocolate marshmallows. With the winter rain drizzling outside, we hovered over the candle's dim flame with chopsticks. Yes, chopsticks. Roasting marshmallows with chopsticks proved to be an art form--trying to properly toast the marshmallow without actually burning the chopsticks. It sounds rediculous now, but hey, that's the stuff of long lingering memories.

Photo from Recchiuti Confections

Today, my dear friend Lisa is getting married. Her beau, Grant, is one lucky guy. I'm sure Lisa will fill their years together with many special memories.

Thanks to the amazing chocolatier, Michael Recchiuti, I have found them the perfect gift....a S'mores kit!

As I filled out the order form, a poetic moment swept over me. I sent the kit with the following message:

May your life together be…like good chocolate with the bitterness balanced sweetly…marshmallowed with moments of sweet bliss…optimally sandwiched together to build delicious memories…and always best enjoyed with a burning flame.