Food Finds, Fit for an Election

Over the past few months, a surprising number of political food finds have crossed my path. From bi-partisan cheeses to the most surprising cupcakes. Care to cast a vote for your favorite?

"Politician Crap" takes the form of peanut clusters covered in chocolate. Spotted in the Washington D.C. airport.

"Bi-Partisan Cheese" - a stout washed cows' milk with a goat cheese center. Spotted at the local co-op in Vermont.

Is America ready for this nutcracker? Apparently not. This Hillary Clinton nut cracker was on sale and she wasn't even out of the race yet! Guess the merchandisers knew something we didn't.... Spotted at the Washington, D.C. airport.

Poor Hillary. Outside the box and now the bargain price of $4.99 at the local thrift store. Spotted at Value Village in Kirkland, WA.

Hey cupcake! Show your patriotic spirit in chocolate and buttercream...with LOTS of sprinkles. Obama cupcakes at Trophy Cupcakes, Seattle, WA.

Democrats & Republicans in sugar work decked out in red, white and blue stars. Spotted at Trophy Cupcakes, Seattle, WA.

Obama chocolate truffles, spotted at the Luxury Chocolate Salon, Seattle, WA.

Get out there and VOTE, people!