Wandering in West Seattle


There's nothing like salt air and the gentle nudge of waves lapping against the shore. As if pulled by an invisible string, gleaming white ferries glide across the water, contrasting brightly against Puget Sound's deep blue waters. Dotting the open span of water, evergreen-strewn islands rise, dark and inviting against a backdrop of rugged, snow-capped mountains. Seagulls cry overhead, swooping in to catch bits of stale bread.

Mere minutes from the heart of the city but leagues away from the hustle and bustle, for me, West Seattle is quintessential Seattle experience. Here, sea, land and skyline converge, offering stunning views from nearly every vantage point.

Lady Liberty looks out on the city skyline, providing a strategic perch for a passing crow.

Beach Drive offers mountain views and jaw-dropping sunsets.

On this day, I met Igor, a Russian immigrant who landed in the U.S. 15 years ago. He emerged from the frigid water, doning a wet suit with a broken zipper. New to Puget Sound diving, he poked among the rocks and crevices, searching for eels, octopus and starfish.

"Avenue of the Stars" hugs the shoreline, depicting constellations by the season. Inlaid plaques like this one are dedicated to well-loved family members. As I leaned over to snap the dedications, rising with sentimental tears in my eyes, one man rushed across the street to lend some assistance...worried that I might be ill. When he notice my camera, we both had a good laugh!

Sun-bleached driftwood provides a perfect spot for climbing.

And a surprise around every bend....Tennis anyone?

(Too beautiful for words.)