Food Obsession Gone Too Far?

I am always on the hunt for great food...and I have a special place in my heart for hole-in-the wall spots. Soul food, dive joints, street vendors and ethnic enclaves rank high on my list. And I keep a keen eye on places with lines snaking out the door, figuring a table worth waiting for, must be good!

The other day I was traveling though an unfamiliar neighborhood. Driving was a bit precarious as I slowed to read the signs...Tran's Pho, Willie's BBQ and a small sign leading the way to a smoke house.

My pulse raced as I mentally noted several spots along the way.

Then I noticed a building with my favorite tell-tale sign: a line that wound its way out to the busy street. Approaching noon on a sunny fall Saturday, a bustling crowd was already waiting outside.

I slowed to take note of the sign:

Northwest Community Food Bank


Talk about a reality check! While I'm whizzing around town, anxiously looking forward to lunch with my friends and searching for the next great restaurant find...bam! My latest "discovery" was a distribution point for feeding the poor.

Deeply humbled by the experience, I begin to fragile is my own financial situation?

And one day, could I land in the same spot?