Unfortunate Fortune Cookies

Rejects at the fortune cookie factory.

Unlike San Francisco and New York, Seattle's Chinatown is not a "living neighborhood". Very few people actually take residence in this quaint enclave, situated just blocks from the main downtown core. With the exception of bums and a few wayward restaurant patrons, the neighborhood rolls up early in the evening.

Over the years, waves of immigrants from Asia have set up bustling businesses in this neighborhood. Here, you can find everything from Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Korean restaurants. Those seeking a spam fix can satisfy their cravings at the Hawaiian BBQ joint just up the hill.

While the retail showroom isn't much to look at, I have a deep sense of satisfaction knowing there's a fortune cookie factory in the 'hood. On occasion, I'll buy one of these giant bags of "unfortunate fortune cookies." (The flattened discs are great served alongside giant scoops of ice cream.) And like a kid digging for the prize in a box of cereal, I go straight for the cluster of fortunes settled in the bottom of the bag.

Call me crazy.

I know.

I'm mining for wisdom...in a bag of rejected fortune cookies.

Maybe I am too optimistic.

I'm just saying....a handful of fortunes makes one feel very lucky!

Notes on the photo:
The retail showroom is closed on Sundays, which is why this is a through-the-window shot. (Notice the stop sign and neon dim sum sign reflected on the glass?)