Amusements from the Snow Globe

Perhaps you've heard Seattle was bombarded with snow?

That's no joke.

I'm from the Midwest and certainly no stranger to snow, but this was something else entirely. The first few flakes were amusing...but as the DAYS wore on, snow just wasn't funny anymore.

Snowbound for 7 straight days, I passed the time away reading a slew of cookbooks and baking up a storm. In between batches of cloverleaf rolls and molasses cookies, I threw out a lifeline and called my friend Crescent.

Lamenting about snow to someone who lives in Vermont is...well...pointless.

Her response?

"Did you make snow ice cream?"

Our chat ended, and I immediately whipped up a batch! Some folks make lemonade out of lemons, I made ice cream out of snow. And what the hell? I broke out my best silver for the occasion!

I carved out a nice spot on my balcony. See how high the snow got? Little did I know, there was more on the way!

Take one perfectly portioned scoop of snow--be sure to break through the crust of ice from that momentary warm spell. Then, drizzle the top with a combination of condensed milk, sugar, and vanilla.

I giggled senselessly over the scene: snow, crystal, and a new use for my silver gravy boat (an irresistible thrift store find). The spell was broken when the thought struck me: It kinda looks pee.

Game over!

I went back inside...and endured another 4 days of snow.