Raising the Bar on Cocktails: The Joey Cosmo

I spied this cocktail from across the room. "What's that?"

An enthusiastic server replied, "That's our signature cocktail."

"Let's try it!"

At first sip, I was hooked! Geoff Boyd, Director of Bar Development for the Canadian-based Joey Restaurant group, designed this beauty. Think of it as a Cosmopolitan, with a twist.

What catapults this Cosmo into a truly sublime cocktail is....muddled cucumber. Cool, refreshing cucumber cuts the sweetness and adds a welcome layer of flavor.

I must admit, there's something seductive about this cocktail. I wandered around a media event, offering sips to everyone. "Here, try this! It's incredible." And I asked...some say begged...for the recipe four times! The next day, the recipe landed in my e-mail, courtesy of Joey's PR guru, Britt Innes. (Thanks, Britt!)

Whip up your own batch, or head to a Joey's near you, but word of warning: line up your designated driver in advance. They go down e-a-s-y!

The Joey Cosmo
courtesy of Joey Restaurant Group

In a martini shaker, muddle:

4 cubes cucumber (one ½ thick slice of cucumber, cut into four quarters)


1.25 oz citrus vodka
1.25 oz Cointreau
2 oz cranberry juice
1 oz sweet & sour mix

Fill shaker with ice

Shake vigorously!

Strain into a chilled martini glass.