Harnessing an Element of Surprise

In a book review about Ina Garden's book, Parties, I discussed her mantra...aim for an element of surprise. In other words, when others expect you to zig...go for the zag.

Taking a cue from Ina, I've had parties in back room prep kitchens, a coffee roasting facility, buildings under construction, and the penthouse of an iconic Seattle building (See the triangle at the top? That's a former boiler room, turned private residence.)

Yesterday I was invited to attend a quarterly meeting. The goal: review objectives for the present quarter, and project for the next one.

Sounds like yawner of a meeting, eh?

Yet I have learned...when Andrew and Shane join forces...expect the unexpected.

I never know who will be there, which keeps thing interesting. Yesterday's meeting included Huffington Post columnist and author Darby Roach, a design guru who obtained his master of architecture at MIT, and a visual designer for Nordstroms.

But the real surprise?

Check out the location for our design-focused discussion:

It doesn't get better than this...the TESLA showroom in Seattle. Have you seen the TESLAs? This is an all-electric sports car.

Forget fossil fuels. This car is powered by an outlet.

Who knew going green could be this sexy?

Modern art display? No. This is an innovative use of color samples.
Pick your pleasure.

Invite only meeting, with a focus on design.

Many thanks to my buddies at Sahale Snacks, who provided the nosh.