Ventana Restaurant: One Week Away....

Soon....these will be replaced by cocktails.

For the past several months, we’ve been hard at work…hatching a plan. Over a series of dinners…and several bottles of wine, the idea began to take shape:

- What if…that sweet spot on the corner—the one with soaring ceilings and a drop dead water view became available?

- What if…that amazing bartender made a move, and worked at our place? You know…the one who serves up cocktails with a side of neighborly welcome and “Have you met Tyler? He’s a diehard Sounder’s fan too.”

- What if…we featured a small plates menu —perfect for sharing? (Like a “build your own tasting menu!”) Sure the chef’s worked at upscale joints from S.F. to Chicago (hello…Charlie Trotters!) Now, take the upscale craft, parlay that into comfort food…and don’t break the bank.

- What if…we found an amazing manager who could assemble the dream team—servers, food runners, bar staff, and bring the vision together?

The dream was first hashed out on a cocktail napkin, and next week, Ventana Restaurant will open their doors. Power tools on the bar will be replaced with frosty cocktails. Piercing sounds of saws and sanding equipment will be replaced by laughter and clinking glasses. At last, a million decisions—from lighting to chairs to plates will be laid to rest. I can’t wait to belly up to the bar with a cool one, and wrap my hands around Chef's bacon-cured pork belly BLT.

Come, join us.

Doors open Thursday, October 15th.

Ventana Restaurant
2323 1st Avenue (Belltown)
Seattle, WA
(206) 441-4789

Architectural drawings for the lighting system

Finalizing the wine purchases. On the right, you see the bar is wrapped in copper.

Lighting, work in progress...

Glassware, waiting to be unpacked