Retreat to Seattle's Hotel 1000

Hotel 1000 lounge off the lobby, offering live flamenco guitar (weekdays).

When the hectic pace of life becomes too much, I say a soothing retreat is in order! There's nothing like an in-city get away to cure what ails me. Fortunately, the fine folks at Hotel 1000 offered to put me up for a night and give them a little looky loo....

Give me an ultra deep soaking tub, room service, and a drop dead view...who needs a spa when you can live like this?

Deluxe room...see the massive soaking tub?

Hotel 1000 is a modern spin on luxe living. Rooms come standard with flat screen TVs, more technological doo dads than I knew what to do with, and with BOKA restaurant at the base of the building, really, there's no reason to leave! And I didn't.

Lobby. Check in is to the right.

Travelers & home turf tourists will quickly appreciate Hotel 1000's prime location. Centrally located on Seattle's 1st Avenue, they're just a hop, skip, and a jump to all the prime Seattle attractions:

LEFT: Funky Pioneer Square, art galleries, and both Seahawks & Mariner's sports stadiums.

STRAIGHT AHED: Leave the Hotel 1000 front door and head straight to the'll find island ferries, cruise ships bound for Alaska, and the Seattle Aquarium.

RIGHT: A simple jaunt to the right on 1st Avenue leads you to....the Seattle Art Museum, Pike Place Market, and nearby Benaroya Hall (symphony) or shopping in Westlake Center.

Location? Win-win-win.

Room service from BOKA (Bold Original Kitchen Artistry). Not so bold, not so artistic, but tasty nonetheless.

Complete with in-room French press coffee, fluffy down comforters, and both WiFi and ethernet access, Hotel 1000 is a sanctuary in the city. I called the front desk no less than three times, stretching my check out later and later. Interrupting my zen moment, I wondered, "If they have to remove me by force, exactly who would come extract me?" Leaving was hard.

And of course, I was lured again and again back to the view. From my room, I watched the sun rise and set against the Cascade Mountains, as gleaming white ferries punctuated the deep blue waters on Eliott Bay.

Hotel 1000
1000 First Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 957-1000