Celebrating Summer in West Seattle

Today my friend Suhara and I visited the West Seattle Farmer's Market. New finds included: cinnamon basil, wild strawberries, red & yellow gooseberries, and tayberries (a lusty cross between blackberries & raspberries).

At the farmer's market, we assembled some treasures for a little picnic...and went down to the water. It was a beautiful summer day with the ferries passing by, gentle waves lapping against the rock wall, and seagulls screeching overhead.

We noshed on red gooseberries, triple cream brie, an assortment of cherry tomatoes, and a lovely baguette from my boy William at Bakery Nouveau.

It's the kind of day when...the locals gloat just a little.

"Doesn't it rain in Seattle?"

Yes. Yes it does.

Then in the summer...we have days like THIS.