Let me appologize for the lack of posting these days....

You see, it's summer in Seattle.

For three glorious months...
picture perfect days
stretch late into the evening.

The setting sun
dazzles us with her palate.

Laughter lingers in the air.

And we dine alfresco.

Dust off the bottle...
we sip sweet wine
with water lapping against the bow.

The sun leaves a trail of kisses,
coloring me with freckles.

Hopping a ferry...
frolicing seaguls follow,

And you have endeared yourself
to me.

Nurturing my mind
and my belly...
under the shaddow of Chagall.
I am your humble student.

How did you know?

Happily, I am woven
into the
of your life.

Love is lovely.

Change is in the air....
and the rains will come

But for now,
it's summer in Seattle.