Spotlight: NuNomad

Like any new venture, it pays to do your research.

This weekend I've been looking into round the world options and work abroad. While I've worked as a waitress and bartender, I'd rather not got back to it...even if I was on a beach in some tropical isle. I'm looking for something more substantial...and well...different.

One of my favorite sayings is, "While you're thinking about it...someone else is doing it."

The trick is to find out...who?

Today, I stumbled on NuNomad. The site is run by executives and consultants who travel around the world...working from a laptop and an international phone. What's the difference between my office in Seattle and a beach in Indonesia? With the advancing technology...not much.

NuNomad covers vital topics like passport assistance, finding the right global phone, and a laptop that will work anywhere. I've got much more research to do, but this is an excellent start.

Living the dream life? These NuNomads are making it happen.