It's Work

Chocolate Party, hosted by Seattle Metropolitan magazine & Verizon

I recently went to a dinner at a friend's house and unfortunately, it was only a cameo appearance. I was dashing off to two other events that unveiling of a new chef (meet & greet with samplings) and a winemaker dinner back at the restaurant.

As I turned to leave, I overheard someone say, "Wow. I was happy just getting invited to this potluck! It must be fun going to all those parties."

I didn't have the heart to tell's really not that exciting.

It's work.

Before I got into this business, I'd go to these events...and always have a great time. I didn't know Ethan Stowell from Tom Douglas. As long as the food was good, I didn't care who the chef was.

Back then, I also didn't know half the people in the room. I was free to mingle about and strike up conversation with anyone...on any subject. Now I make a point of watching what I say.

Gone are the days when I could drink a little too much free wine. Now I must maintain composure.

It's work.

I'm starting to understand what life is like for those attending the Academy Awards. Society pages feature those same people at a ton of glamourous parties throughout the year. Why do those celebs look so natural out on the red carpet? It's just another event. I get it now.

As much fun as these parties sound, when you attend 5 in 3 days...I have to say, they loose their appeal quickly.

In a working capacity, events are like speed dating. Everyone works the room, hoping to meet a ton of people and have brief---but meaningful conversations. Kiss, kiss, I'll e-mail you this week...and a vague...let's get together for coffee/lunch/cocktails/dinner. Yeah, I know the drill.

I'd like to say it's all fun and glam, but it's not.

It's work.