Get on the Bus

On the South side of Seattle is a pocket neighborhood called Columbia City. For years, it was one of the cheaper places to live and it supported waves of immigrant communities. The melting pot of this neighborhood is African American, Somalian, Ethiopian, Vietnamese, and Hispanic. Traveling down the main road, Pho shops are plentiful, along with Ethopian, BBQ, Italian, and a wealth of other great hole-in-the-wall places.

The stand out, however, is Tacos El Asadero. It's a can't miss place with a big white awning and picnic tables out front. The catch? In this place the kitchen & seating and all are housed in a converted bus!

The kitchen is in the back half of the bus, stools flank the sides along the window with a narrow counter so you can "dine in". The driver's seat holds the trash can, and the dash of the bus is adorned by a framed copy of their health permit. Ingenuity? Yes. Best tacos I've had this side of the border...oh yeah!