Bahn Mi Love

Vietnamese sandwiches or Bahn Mi are the perfect fusion from the French colonization of Vietnam. A light and airy, but still slightly chewy baguette is smeared with a special sauce. Then pick your pleasure...BBQ pork, ham, combo, or tofu. Topped with julienned pickled carrot and jamaica, cucumber, jalapeno, and a tangle of cilantro, Bahn Mi are one of the best bargains in town.

It can be a hotly debated issue about who has the best Bahn Mi, but the m.o. is all the same for these delis--most of them are supplied by the same vendor so they all have nearly identical offerings. The one differentiator, however slight, is how they make their Bahn Mi. For me, my loyalty belongs to Saigon Deli.

One day, I'm going to challenge my friends to a Bahn Mi crawl to see who really does have the best. You see, in Seattle's "Little Saigon" neighborhood, there are at least five shops selling these gems within a 2 block radius. No matter where your favorite is...these subs are the perfect cheap eat. For a mere $2.25 (tax included) you can get one of these tasty sandwiches. Order me a #1 and I'm in pure bliss.