One Book, Three Covers

The publishing world is a complicated beast.

While researching books in International markets, I came across an interesting discovery: one book, three different covers. Why? A myriad of reasons, but I'm guessing it's a combination of marketing, rights and distribution.

While I can't recommend Cleaving, Julie Powell's follow up to her best seller Julie and Julia, I'm fascinated by their promotional efforts. (Reviews for the book have been lackluster; I abandoned Cleaving after the third chapter...)

But the covers are intriguing. Let's compare. From a marketing standpoint, I'm fairly certain that U.K. cover would never fly in America. (The pig trotter between her legs looks rather phallic, eh?)

Personally, I like the cover on the Canadian edition best. You?

American edition

Canadian edition / American edition (paperback)

U.K. edition