Giveway: How to Cook Everything iPhone App

Check out this snazzy new iPhone app, based on Mark Bittman's tombe and best-selling book, "How to Cook Everything."

Released today, this iPhone app is your mobile go-to source. Need to double check the ingredients for tonight's dinner? Done. Cooking at a friend's and stuck without a worthwhile cookbook? Not to worry.

I, for one, am extremely excited about this. An innocent weekend getaway usually involves more emphasis on the menu...and lugging the corresponding stack of cookbooks. Thanks to this new me liberated!

This bit of genius, inspired by Mark Bittman, Culinate, and publisher John Wiley & Sons includes 2,000 recipes and recipe variations; 400 how-to illustrations; hundreds of menu ideas; and Mark Bittman’s straightforward cooking advice for simple good food.

You want one, right? I've got FIVE copies to giveaway!

Here's the deal: tell me about your most requested birthday dish. Tap into that memory bank for a few nostalgic lines on your special day & your favorite meal.

For me? There's nothing like mama's chicken parmesan. Tender chicken and oozing mozzarella screams mama's good love! I'd claim dibs on the leftovers before the meal hit my plate. (Yeah, my brother and I were competitive like that!)

Okay, tell me your story. You've got until Wednesday April 21st at 10:00 am PST. (Be sure to include a way to get in touch with you. Ultimately we'll need to e-mail you with the claim-your-prize details!)

PS. If you just can't wait and MUST have one right now, $1.99 on iTunes will satisfy the urge for immediate gratification.