Summertime in Seattle is a mind-blowing experience. I've lived here since 1995 and you would think that by now I'd be accustomed to the jaw-dropping views of Mount Rainier with its perpetual snow cap, soaring eagles, and purple mountains. The fact of the matter is, for me, that's a typical drive into the city...and I never tire of it.

July was an incredibly busy month. Thankfully, my camera never leaves my side, and my memories are safely captured on a stack of SD cards. (No time to edit photos, I just keep buying new cards. So far, I've managed to fill up two 8 gig cards and a 4 gig!)

Between an intense travel schedule, a handful of clients, more events than I can count, and a major project on the horizon, I desperately need to slow the pace down.

Finally, I am home.

My luggage is half unpacked, I've got a mountain of e-mail, and frankly, my car looks like I've been taking up residence in it. But all that can wait.

Today, I joined friends for coffee and took a leisurely trip back home...detouring by way of the farmer's market. Wandering among the stalls, taking time to notice changes in produce...there's some thing soul-satisfying about being at the market. Fortunately for Seattleites, we have plenty to choose from (35 in King County alone!).

A few snaps from today...