Write a Killer Cookbook Proposal with Dianne Jacob

If you've got a burning desire to write a cookbook, listen up!

Dianne Jacob, author of the food writing bible, "Will Write for Food" has an in-depth eight week online seminar on the horizon. If you want the lowdown on how the business works, Dianne is your guide.

"Write a Killer Cookbook Proposal" is a nuts-and-bolts approach, moving that dream into reality.

Workshop topics will include:

• The 10 best ideas for a cookbook
• How to organize and structure your idea for commercial appeal
• What a platform is and whether yours is sufficient
• Why and how to promote your book before it’s published
• How to write an introduction that keeps editors interested
• Which recipes to include and why
• What to say about photography and illustrations
• How to research the competition like a pro

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P.S. Bookmark this site for future classes, such as: How to Write an Effective Pitch Letter and Recipe Writing Primer.