Headcam? No, it's Twitter

More than once I've been told "I wish you wore a headcam! I'd love to follow you around!"

Looking back over my calendar, I can see why.

This past year was jam-packed with author visits, interviews, parties, and more tasting events than I can shake a stick at. Honestly? It's not uncommon for me to attend up to 10 events a week and trust me, at that pace, lots of good stuff slips through the cracks. (One day we'll have a lil' chat about Blogger Guilt...)

But in lieu of a headcam, I'm now on Twitter.

This is the place to see what the heck I'm up to when I don't have time to write...Expect a little of this-and-that and take heed: you'll soon discover I read A LOT. My Twitter updates include a hodge podge of favorite books, articles, chefs, photographers, documentaries, local happenings....and whatever else trips my fancy.

You can find me here: