Soul-satisfying Eastlake

Eastlake is a funky neighborhood, straddled between the main artery of I-5 and the east side of Lake Union. A handful of restaurants dot the primary thoroughfare, but more often than not, you can find me hugging the shoreline.

Tiny parks no larger than my living room provide public access to the water's edge. A bench and a bit of bread make one very popular among the duck and seagull crowd.

Shafts of late afternoon sun dance on the pages of my journal, as I watch as a pair of sailboats perform do-si-dos in the gentle fall breeze.

Along this stretch, wanderlust and picture-perfect houseboats provide that quintessential Seattle experience. A walk on the dock requires sea-faring legs to steady yourself against a toss from unexpected waves. Here, homes bob on the water a la Sleepless in Seattle, and amenities include swimming ladders, outdoor fireplaces, and dockside parking for the nautical set.

How many times have I dreamed of greeting the day, watching the sunrise over Lake Union...nestled in a kayak launched from my own back door?

More than I can count.

Welcome home.

It reads: "Long ago, mailboxes around the world lived freely amid the happy creatures and simple machines. They accepted and relinquished the mail willingly, content to serve as a temporary but sublime resting place in the endless flow of communication between beings..."

This way to the water -->

See? They float.

Which way does the wind blow?

A sweet little cottage on the water (I love the purple window trim!) And of course, pick your motorcraft...dinghy or a sleek wooden boat.

The dream, visualized.

Dock mascot.

Ready for company. The question you want to swim or kayak first?

Boat gazing.

Perfect endings.