With Love...from Argentina

Care Package from Argentina

Clockwise, starting at noon: Dulce de Leche, gnocchi-making tool, a mix of music from Argentina compiled by Marcela, bon bons, a chocolate candy filled with dulce de leche, canela (true cinnamon) and mate tea.


For those who know me well...it's no secret...I'm a consumate networker. Perhaps somewhere deep in my roots is a bit of mafia (I know a guy who knows a guy...) You get the idea.

A never ending game of "Connection" is running through my head:

*~ You're going to Italy? Perfect! Then you MUST meet my friend Jen...

*~ You're moving to China? Just outside Hong Kong? I know a guy...


I'm on a mission to unite the good people of this world!

So, when my friend Rachel booked a last minute trip to Buenos Aires, naturally I thought of Marcela, who writes Pip in the City.

Ah...the beauty of virtual introductions...

Rachel and Marcela spent several days together...eating, shopping and seeing the sites in Buenos Aires. And Marcela even managed to send a care package my way. (Kudos to Rachel for carrying it on the plane!) See photo above and...

Then there are these delicious Alfajors. Cookies wedged together with ducle de leche...and covered in chocolate. They remind me of s’mores...with caramel instead of marshmallows. Yum!

As luck would have it, Marcela's planning a little trip here to the states this spring. I'm looking forward to hosting her here in Seattle, but if any of you are in NYC and are willing to roll out the welcome mat...I'm sure she'd love to hear from you!