Spilling the Beans...

Okay people. I've got a secret...and it's KILLING ME!

These past few months I've been working on a little project...and the reveal is just days away.

Yet, here I am, fidgeting in my seat like a little kid before Christmas... suppressing the chant, "I know! I know!"

Stay tuned. Details to be revealed next week!

And for a real suspense-breaker, head to your local book seller and pick up a copy of Shauna's book. It hits the shelves today.

What can I say?

I was there for Shauna's second date with the Chef, and this summer I stifled sappy tears at their wedding. I'm so honored to be a part of their lives...and the story, told the way only Shauna can express...it's a beautiful thing. Check it out:

"Gluten-free Girl" by Shauna James Ahern