Alfresco with Ken & Catherine

When Ken & Catherine call, I come running!

You see, Catherine is the wine & cheese buyer for Seattle's Spanish Table. For her, work duty includes following the hot new wineries, traveling to Spain, and sampling copious amounts of wine. And with a Hot Picks nod from Wine & Sprits, her star is definitely on the rise.

Ken is a former chef and the creator of a dish my friend still swoons over! He now works as a wine rep--supplying the city's finest restaurants.

Together, this dynamic duo create the most amazing meals. And when they extend an invitation to dinner...I consider myself blessed, thank my lucky stars, and wonder, "How did I get so lucky?"

Hospitality is in their DNA.

And Catherine is channeling Martha for sure! From the linens to the sweet garnishes on the plate--no detail is missed.

For them, it was a casual night talking shop. For me? I'd pay money just to be there.

I mean, really...why go out when you can dine like this?

PS. See that freshly churned chocolate sorbet? That's my contribution from David Lebovitz' book, "Perfect Scoop." Made with items already in my pantry, this recipe comes together in mere minutes...and it's oh-so-delicious!