Chocolate Box Seductions

All under one roof...and just a stone's throw from our bustling Pike Place Market...the Chocolate Box is your one-stop-shop for Seattle's confectionary goodness. From truffles to pastry, gelato to espresso...all your chocolate fantasies come together in this sexy urban space.

And this week, yours truly scored an invite to their grand opening. I tell you...Willy Wonka never had it so good!

Between samples of exquisite Fiori truffles, complex toffee nibs from Theo, flavor-packed scoops of Gelatiamo gelato, uber rich cups of midnight black chocolate from Chocolat Vitale, and oh-so-light whipped white chocolate cheese cake from The French Bakery...

Sign me up for a chocolate DETOX!

To score your chocolate fix, visit:

The Chocolate Box
108 Pine Street
(between 1st & 2nd Ave)
Seattle, WA