Okay, heads up folks. I just got wind of an amazing dinner on Sunday (5/27). My pal, Chef Becky Selengut will be preparing a tantalizing menu, simply titled ELIXER. One look at the menu and I can honestly say, THIS is the place you want to be! (Slow roasted black cod, pinot noir-green garlic sauce, morels, fennel candy...Oh MY!)

If you haven't had a chance to check out Seattle's Underground Dining scene (featured in the Seattle Times, Wall Street Journal, and Tony Bourdain's No Reservations), this IS the night. As you know, I've been playing with some mighty talented chefs and I swear, Becky Selengut has the best palate, bar none!

Do you dare?


Come dine...speakeasy style...and sample the Chef's sweet ELIXER.


Gypsy Dinner: ELIXER
May 27 2007

* Nettle and toasted rice tonic

* Fava bean pancakes, rashers, maple syrup, house pickled onions

* Sweet pea flan with shallot cracklins, cucumber shavings and icicle radish

* Slow roasted black cod, pinot noir-green garlic sauce, morels, fennel candy

* Perilla-verjus bracer

* Grilled 5 spice quail, bamboo shoot matchsticks, rhubarb jam

* Forager's basket salad

* Ginger mochi, umeboshi syrup, red shiso cream

* Bittersweet Chocolate Terrine Lik-m-Aid With 3 powders: Sumac, Citrus, Sesame

* Cocoa nib infusion

For this exquisite night of Food, Wine, and Song, suggested dinner donation: $90, wines extra.

Are you ready to step up to the table? Flying under the radar and dining speakeasy style means...registration is required. For details...and one small step in your dining adventure, register here.