Guess Who Came to Dinner?

Tony Bourdain, author of "Kitchen Confidential", "The Nasty Bits", and host of
Travel Channel's "No Reservations"

Sometimes my "What if..." moments go deliriously well....

I had a new client.

This time last year, I was working as a guest chef booker for a local cooking school and their secret underground restaurant (shhhh...).

Rising to the challenge, I wanted to put Seattle on the map...and draw in some big names. (True to my nature, I never think small!)

So I sent out several e-mails...and invited some culinary superstars to our little corner of the world.

What did I know????

In hindsight, not much.

Certainly not enough to be intimidated....that would come later!

I sent the following e-mail to Tony Bourdain's people:

"Flying under the radar of the authorities...this (underground restaurant) is where Seattle chefs come to play! The clientele is sophisticated foodies who appreciate all the chef's creativity--no worrying about profit margins or what will sell. Two nights a month, this crowd gathers, underground at an undisclosed location, for pure culinary magic! Would Tony like to come out and play with us?"

Two months later, I received this response:

"I'm the segment producer for the series 'Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations'. We're actually planning on shooting in the Pacific NW in June, and I'd love to look into the possibility of organizing a shoot at one of the 'underground' restaurants in Seattle. Let's talk."




Astonished, I stared blankly at my computer screen...and read the e-mail again. When it finally sunk in, I whooped and hollered...and did a little jig in my living room!

I couldn't believe it!!

Seriously, it took me two days to regain my composure enough to respond, "Yes, I'd love to discuss this opportunity...."

Fingers crossed...and after months of planning, this dinner finally came together.
Even better? Tony had some friends in Seattle and he wanted to make sure they were there too...a former Iron Chef Challenger, and the owner of one of Seattle's legendary restaurants.

It was too good to be true!

Without a doubt, it's a night I'll never forget and luckily, I had some friends in on the experience too. Yes, my pals in the kitchen kept peeking their heads in...and making faces at me off camera! Thanks to you all (D, D, & B) for easing my nerves...and reminding me this was supposed to be fun.

Well, who knows what will make it through the editing process, but the Pacific Northwest episode airs for the first time tomorrow:

Monday, January 15th on the Travel Channel (10:00pm ET/PST)
To view photos from the Portland, OR segment, click here.
Dream big, people. Sometimes they really do come true!